Where can you watch football in these Covid times?

The corona virus continues to take over the world today. In order to limit the damage that this virus continues to cause, governments have taken drastic measures. These measures include containment, closure of bars and restaurants. This suspends the opportunity for football fans to watch the games live in the streets on big screens. So where can you watch football matches in these times of covid? Read that article to cultivate your knowing about where you can watch football match in this covid time.

Watching football matches at home

Nowadays, it is possible to watch football matches in these times when the corona virus continues to be rampant. The first opportunity you have is to watch it at home. All you have to do is subscribe to a sports channel first. All you have to do is follow the news and be wired for the day and time that these matches are shown at home. The important thing is to respect social distancing measures. Also, why not choose to watch television locked in your bedroom?

Watching football matches on the internet

The second alternative you have is to simply watch your favourite match in streaming mode on the internet. This completely exempts you from the subscription fee. However, this solution can be sanctioned. This is because it is the work of pirates who broadcast football matches illegally. It is only the TV stations that have the exclusive right to do so. Today, many people prefer to watch sports matches on the web. The channels know this. But taking legal action against the pirates can take time. During this time, the match continues as normal until the final whistle. In view of all the above, following football matches during covid is quite possible. You have to know that this mean is the first and faithfulness among all of them.

Top 4 Most Followed Football Players on Instagram

Social networks are nowadays taken by storm by the stars. This allows them to measure their popularity on the web. Among these networks, Instagram and Twitter stand out from the rest. So who are the top 4 most followed football players on Instagram? Is there a difference between an influencer and a person who has a lot of followers on a social network? Top 4 most followed football players on Instagram In sports mainly concerning football, here are the top 4 most followed footballers on Instagram. At the top is Cristiano Ronaldo. He has a total of 262 million followers.  Lionel Messi comes in second place with 184 million followers. Next, Neymar is in third place. He currently has 146 million followers. Finally, Kylian Mbappe is at the bottom of this ranking with 47 million followers.  These different celebrities are no longer worth introducing today. The question that deserves to be asked is whether these different players are also influencers. So what are the criteria for being consid... More...

Top 4 goalscorers in the history of football

  A list full of nothing but legends, this is the list of the best goal scorer football has ever seen. Which names feature in the top 4 best goal scorers in football history? You are invited to read that article for knowing more about football and his greatest stories.  Best goal scorer in football history: 4th place Let's start this journey with fourth place, which sees the seat occupied by Edson Arantes Do Nascimento aka King Pele. With a total of 757 goals, the Brazilian striker was for a long time in third place before being dethroned by Ronaldo in his lifetime. Indeed, despite the controversy over King Pele's true number of goals, only the figures from official matches are counted. The player voted best player of the millennium will only be able to watch the other records fall. Best scorer in football history: 3rd place In third place is the player with 5 golden balls, the one who some time ago was only 7 in the ranking of the 10 best scorers in football history. Indeed, Cris... More...

What do we know about Cristiano Ronaldo the current record holder?

  Since the 2010 decade, records keep falling talking about the most influential men on the football planet. What do we currently know about record holder Cristiano Ronaldo? Take note, the informations in that article and you will be more ressourced. Records recently broken by Cristiano Ronaldo He holds the record for the top scorer as a Portuguese in an Italian league and this following his performance on 22 June 2020. He thus erases with these 43 goals Rui Costa, while having in the previous the same title with the Spanish liga. Speaking of Portugal, he also became the first European to cross the 100-goal mark for the national team. On the other hand, his record that made the most talk was that of Pele which had just fallen making him the second-highest scorer of all time. Cristiano Ronaldo's records to break Certainly the records broken count and get people talking, but the ones to be broken monopolise the attention of the fans and even the players. Speaking of Ronaldo, even if... More...

What is the secret of CR7's invincibility?

  The 36-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro since 2002 is the talk of the town at the highest level of world sport. Everyone is wondering what the secret of his invincibility is. Let's try to decipher it through some criteria, which you can see in this article.. Cristiano Ronaldo: the relentless one In all the clubs where the Funchal-born player has passed through, one word comes up on everyone's lips "relentless". How many testimonies have we had from his teammates, from Man U to Real Madrid or even Juventus! He is often the player they are the first to see at training and the last to leave. According to these teammates, there was always something to correct, a better finish to have, a better curve on free kicks to have among others. Moreover, at his technical visit to Juventus, the mythical phrase was out "Cristiano Ronaldo has the form of a 20-year-old player". Cristiano Ronaldo: the teammate and the player The secret of his invincibility two lies in his excellent car... More...